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1/8/23 - In our first study in Romans, Pastor Mike introduces this book and explores the depth of Paul's opening words.

1/15/23 - The Gospel has the power to change us and we should never be ashamed of it! In this study, Pastor Mike examines why it is valuable to us still today as well.

1/22/23 - Man is inherently wicked and as Paul lays out the reasons man is deserving of (and some under) God's wrath, the Gospel shines that much brighter.

1/29/23 - The Apostle Paul explains why even the moral person is deserving of the wrath of God and the reasons why that is so.

2/5/23 - As we examine this section of Romans, we see that all of us are guilty and deserving of God's wrath which is why His grace is that much sweeter!

2/12/23 - The Apostle Paul shows us that though we are deserving of God's wrath, we can be declared righteous by faith and then answers questions relating to the value of the Law. He proves, from the Old Testament, that man can only be justified by faith not by works or obeying the Law.

2/19/23 - It is not just belief that saves, but faith that saves and Abraham serves as the example of salvation by grace through faith.

3/19/23 - We examine some of the benefits that come along with justification, like peace with God and access to Him, along with others.

3/26/23 - In this section of Scripture, we examine why the work of Christ goes far beyond the work of Adam.

4/2/23 - There are certain truths that we need to know to fight against the flesh and we study these in our text.

4/16/23 - We examine what it means to be dead to the law and free from it.

4/23/23 - We constantly wrestle with our sin nature and in this study we examine why and what we can do to aid that battle.

4/30/23 - We examine what it means to be truly free now that there is no condemnation in Jesus

5/7/23 - Paul teaches that we are adopted into God's family and co-heirs with Christ - we examine what this means for us today.

5/14/23 - Since we are going to suffer as a Christian, is faith really worth the suffering? The Apostle Paul gives us three reasons why it is absolutely worth it.

5/21/23 - We are in good hands because we are in God's hands. Our text attests to this fact as we study this passage.

5/28/21 - Can we be sure God's promises to us Gentiles are secure if (as it seems) God has changed His mind on Israel? Or has God changed His mind on Israel? We examine those questions and more in this study.

6/4/23 - The Jews made a choice to reject Jesus, stumbling in three areas & if we aren't careful, we can stumble in the same ways.

6/11/23 - Is God finished with national, ethnic Israel? Has He rejected them for good? Scripture says no and join us and find out why that is.

6/18/23 - As Gentiles we have been grafted in to the olive tree - join us as we discover what this means and how it applies.

6/25/23 - What is our reasonable or logic response to God's grace? We cover it today.

7/2/23 - We have been transformed yet need to be sure we are constantly renewing our minds. Find out how and why.

7/16/23 - The Lord has given all Christians a gift to use and has placed us in the local church (and Church overall) to serve one another.

7/23/23 - Our text describes what love looks like in practicality - something way different than what is seen in our world today.

7/30/23 - Scripture teaches us that God is the one who raises up and removes leaders and how we are to relate to governing authorities. In our study today, we examine these truths and the applications.

8/6/23 - Love is not something we ever fill up or pass off. It is something we are always to owe one another.

8/13/23 - This section begins the Apostle Paul's teachings on disputed matters/opinions/liberties. We learn what the church at Rome dealt with and how we can apply the principles to our day and age.

8/20/23 - As we continue on examining Paul's teaching on liberties, we look why  & how we are to be stepping stones and not stumbling blocks.

8/27/23 - In our third part of examining handling liberties in the church, we find our example is Jesus who united different people groups together.

9/3/23 - As the Apostle Paul shares his plans with the Roman church, we find application for our own lives in service to the Lord.

9/10/23 - As Paul closes his letter to the Romans and sends his greetings, we see more of his heart and application for us.

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