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8/11/19 - When the Apostle Paul thought about the church at Philippi, he couldn't help but smile and explains why that was so.  Pastor Mike uses that to challenge us to live lives that bring joy to others.

8/11/19 (evening service) - Final bit of preparation for the Israelites before they begin their journey for the Promised Land (and the last bit of positive times for them)

8/4/19 - As Pastor Mike begins the verse-by-verse series through Philippians, he takes a look at the start of the church at Philippi (Acts 16) which came to be through the obedience of Paul to the Lord, in joy, and shows how our lives can be filled with joy as well.

7/28/19 (evening service) - did you ever stop to think that God hand picks rolls and places for us individually to be so we can use the skills He has given us?  As Pastor Mike examines Numbers 4-7, we come to realize that there are no accidents or second class servants in the Kingdom of God.

7/28/19 - Grady examines John 4:4-42 teaching how we can learn from Jesus in our approach to share Christ with others.

7/21/19 - In our closing study of the parables, Pastor Mike examines the last kingdom parables given as it relates to Jesus' 2nd Coming and what it truly means to be ready.

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Pastor Mike's verse-by-verse studies through the books of the New Testament

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Pastor Mike's verse-by-verse studies through the books of the Old Testament


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