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Recent Sermons

1/3/21 - God will call us to do things that not only make us uncomfortable but can make us fearful (though fear is not from Him). In this message, Ron examines the types of people God uses (hint: it's everyone, no matter how unqualified you may feel or be).

12/24/20 - in this Christmas Eve service sermon, Pastor Mike examines a rather odd passage for a Christmas message but shows how the grace of God shines through it and why Christmas should remind us of the amazing forgiveness we can receive from Jesus.

12/20/20 - Pastor Mike examines the three-fold promise of peace as it relates to Advent

12/13/20 - We look at the topic of joy in this sermon: how does it differ from happiness?  How does one find joy?  Is there joy to be found in times of trouble?  Listen as we answer these questions.

12/6/20 - Advent is a reminder of God's love for us.  Listen to understand all that it means.

11/29/20 - As we kick off the advent season, we examine why hope is such a vital aspect to have and why it is different than what the world sees as hope.

11/22/20 - Paul's enemies want him dead and are willing to go without food until they do the deed, yet God's providence intervenes. Join us in gleaning from the Word of God.

Pastor Mike's verse-by-verse studies through the books of the New Testament

Guest speakers and other topical messages including sermon series can be found here.

Pastor Mike's verse-by-verse studies through the books of the Old Testament


To those who cannot come out due to pandemic, these are the livestream videos.

Collection of short video clips to help improve your marriage.

If you have a minute to watch, you have a minute to pray so please pray along with us as you watch this video updated regularly.

Previous videos can be found on our Facebook Page

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