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Recent Sermons

10/13/19 (evening service) - we see a grave look at what happened to those who unjustly attack leadership set up by God.

10/13/19 - We examine how the Timothy, Epaphroditus and Paul himself are examples of people who worked out their salvation

10/6/19 - Paul exhorts us to "work out our salvation with fear and trembing" because we walk among a dark world.  Pastor Mike expounds on Paul's exhortation.

9/29/19 - Ron Nash exhorts the body of Christ examining some of the commands of Christ that will "step on your toes"

9/22/19 - We are called to follow the pattern of Jesus and to have the mind of Christ - Pastor Mike applies this challenging passage to our lives.

9/15/19 (evening service) - In examining the 12 spies sent into the Promised Land and the differing reports, we must ask ourselves, which set of spies are most like us?

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Pastor Mike's verse-by-verse studies through the books of the New Testament

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Pastor Mike's verse-by-verse studies through the books of the Old Testament


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