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Due to limited space on our media server, some older links may no longer work.  However, all our messages are saved at our location and we will gladly send you a free digital copy of a message no longer available online should you ask.

Revelation Studies

4/29/18 - Pastor Mike introduces the book of Revelation, explaining why we can understand it, how to understand it, and why it is important to study it.  He then explains the first 8 verses.

5/20/18 (Sunday evening) - Revelation is a book of unveiling and here we see Jesus reveal Himself in His glorifed state to John.

6/3/18 (Sunday Evening) - Pastor Mike examines Jesus letter to the church at Ephesus and shows why it is important that love be a part of everything a church does

7/1/18 (Sunday evening) - Study of the letter to the churches in Smyrna & Pergamos.

7/8/18 (Sunday Evening) - study on the churches in Thyatira and Sardis

7/15/18 (evening service) - Pastor Mike studies the letter Jesus wrote to the churches in Philadelphia and Laodicea and the vast contrast between them.  Warning: plenty of "ouch" moments in this study.

7/29/18 (Sunday Evening) - One might be surprised to find out how much worship is found in the book of Revelation.  It is essential that we have our eyes fixed on Jesus before (and after) trials come.

8/5/18 (Evening Service) - Pastor Mike examines 6 of the 7 seals found in chapter 6 as well as the 144,000 found in chapter 7.

8/12/18 - Pastor Mike examines 6 of the 7 trumpet judgements

10/7/18 (Evening Service) - Pastor Mike studies the Anti-Christ, the False Prophet, and Satan's attack on the people of God.

10/14/18 (evening service) - After looking at the Anti-Christ the previous study, these chapters remind us that God is still in control and His victory assured.

10/28/18 - Pastor Mike studies the third woe which covers the seven bowl judgements, the last of the judgements during the Tribulation.

11/18/18 (evening service) - Pastor Mike examines the religious state of things in the end times as well as the destruction of a literal Babylon (and why there can easily be a literal city of Babylon) as he teaches these two chapters.

1/13/19 (Sunday evening) - Pastor Mike teaches Revelation chapters 19 and 20, looking at the 2nd Coming, the Millennial Kingdom and the Great White Throne Judgement.

1/27/19 (Evening Service) - As we conclude the book of Revelation, we get a glimpse of what the New Heaven/New Earth/New Jerusalem will look like.

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