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The Gospel of Mark

6/6/21 - After introducing the Gospel of Mark, Pastor Mike examines John the Baptist, the baptism of Jesus and the temptation of Jesus as Mark rapidly takes us from one scene to the other.

6/13/21 - What does it mean to redeem the time and what does it mean to follow Jesus?  We tackle these questions in today's study.

6/20/21 - Guest teacher, Noah Hess, looks at the authority of Jesus.

6/27/21 - From healing people all night to healing a leper to seeking to preach to as many as possible, Jesus showed amazing compassion and still does today.

7/4/21 - From tearing apart a roof to lower a paralytic down to Jesus declaring his sins are forgiven then having the paralytic walk out, this account was mind blowing to all who were there to witness it.

7/11/21 - When we follow Christ, the old passes away and we are a new creation as we "die" to self.  The calling of Matthew is a beautiful reminder of what it means to follow Christ and how the old is gone.

7/18/21 - Noah Hess deals with Jesus' teachings on fasting and the Sabbath

8/8/21 - Pastor Mike deals with the issues Jesus was dealing with as His fame spread, especially seen in the healing of the withered hand and the huge crowds that followed Him.

8/15/21 - Noah Hess teaches about the calling of the 12 disciples.

8/22/01 - Pastor Mike examines how and why we can plunder the "house" of Satan

8/29/21 - Pastor Mike examines the parable of the sower or as others call it, the parable of the soils.

9/5/21 - Pastor Mike examines the two different parables Jesus talk regarding seeds and the growth of the church

9/12/21 - The authority of Jesus is seen as He calms nature and casts out demons.  Join us as we examine why this truth is important for us.

9/19/21 - One person suffered for 12 years while another lost a daughter of 12 years yet Jesus does the miraculous for both in this passage.

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