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Due to limited space on our media server, some older links may no longer work.  However, all our messages are saved at our location and we will gladly send you a free digital copy of a message no longer available online should you ask.


1/6/19 - Pastor Mike introduces the book of James and then examines why and how to have joy admist trials while also defining what joy really is.

1/13/19 - James explains that God will give wisdom to all who ask if one asks in faith.  Pastor Mike explores how this applies to life and trials.

1/27/19 - James describes how "take the bait" with temptations because of our own desires.  Pastor Mike examines how considering the consequences and considering God's goodness can help us when tempted.

2/3/19 - Pastor Mike examines James exhortation for us to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to get angry.

2/10/19 - As we read/hear the Word, it serves as a mirror to show us who we are.  James exhorts us to be doers of the Word and not just hearers as the Word reveals where we need to make changes.

2/17/19 - Because of our human nature, we all have a sinful lean towards particular showings of partiality.  James exhorts us that this is wrong and why it is wrong, and as Pastor Mike points us, you may be unaware that is is there inside of you needing God to deal with it.

3/3/19 - Pastor Mike examines the difference between dead faith, faith demons have and faith that works (that saves) that James teaches on.

3/10/19 - The tongue has the power to direct, destroy and delight - join us as Pastor Mike explains and applies this passage to our lives.

3/17/19 - What is godly wisdom vs demonic wisdom and how can you tell which is which?  James gives us the answers in this section of his letter.

3/24/19 - As humans with a sin condition our battles are fought mainly from our hearts.  James understands this but also gives us practical solutions to winning those battles.

3/31/19 - We have two choices to make when it comes to our life and planning: a life dependent on God and the blessings that come from it or a life dependent on wealth and the curses that come from it.

4/7/19 - What should we expect as we wait for the Lord's return and/or wait in our times of suffering?  Pastor Mike answers these questions from our text in James today.

4/14/19 - As James concludes his letter, he focuses in on prayer, especially in the context of suffering and sickness.

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