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Due to limited space on our media server, some older links may no longer work.  However, all our messages are saved at our location and we will gladly send you a free digital copy of a message no longer available online should you ask.

Guest Speakers & Topical Studies

5/12/24 - PCT Cru student, Ryan Park, examines the 5 questions the Apostle Paul asked the Galatians in chapter 3.

3/29/24 - Two short messages for the price of 1!  Pastors Brandon Glenn (Foundry Church) and Mike Massey (Ebenezer) did a joint Good Friday service and both their messages (one on Jesus washing feet and the other on the Lord's Supper) are in this link.

3/24/24 - We all like dramatic and emotional entrances and Jesus' triumphal entrance (as it is so called) certainly delivers on that. But this entrance forces us to ask ourselves: is He our God? is He our King?

1/28/24 - Guest speaker & Cru staff member, Noah Hess, shares about Cru and teaches on prayer.

1/7/24 - Special New Year's message exhortation on keeping our eyes on Jesus so we do not drift.

12/24/23 - Why is Christmas a holiday worth celebrating and what is the real reason for celebrating (ie. why is it more than just the birth of Christ)? That's our study for Christmas Eve morning.

4/9/23 - Just like the angels reminded the women that Jesus rose just as He said He would, Pastor Mike looks at other promises He has said.

3/12/23 - Elder Ron Nash, teaches Luke 18:9-14

3/5/23 - Pastor Brandon Glenn teaches Luke 15:11-13, 25-31 focusing on our relationship with God, not just for God.

2/26/23 - Guest speaker, Jeff Lyons, studies Leviticus 9:22-10:7

10/16/22 - Noah examines the gospel themes in the account of David and Goliath while dealing with the misinterpretations of this text.

6/5/22 - Dr. Tim Valiante, missionary to Philippines, updates us on the work at the Bible college and expounds on the motivation for serving Christ.

4/17/22 - Paul's writing in 1 Corinthians 15 is a creed that can be traced back to the same year Jesus rose from the dead.  Find out why that details is important as well as why this creed encapsulates everything that happened that first Easter.

4/15/22 (Good Friday) - Pastor Mike expounds upon Ephesians 2:1-10 and how Jesus' death on a cross is good.

2/27/22 - Guest Speaker, Pastor Luke Watkins, expounds on what it means to bear one another's burdens.

11/21/21 - Missionaries with Teen Missions share about their experiences in missions.

7/25/21 - Steve Brown, missionary to Colombia, updates us with what is happening with the ministry there.

4/4/21 - For our Easter Service, Pastor Mike exhorts us to see the facts of the Resurrection but then go and share them.

4/2/21 - For our Good Friday service, we dive deep into Jesus's words "it is finished"

3/28/21 - What we call Palm Sunday was a huge fulfillment of prophecy.  Join us to find out why it is so significant.

3/21/21 - to start our series of Easter messages, Pastor Mike examines the raising of Lazarus from the dead found in John 11

1/3/21 - God will call us to do things that not only make us uncomfortable but can make us fearful (though fear is not from Him). In this message, Ron examines the types of people God uses (hint: it's everyone, no matter how unqualified you may feel or be).

11/1/2020 - in this topical message, Pastor Mike shows how the Lord is in charge of all rulers and how as Christians, we aren't to walk in fear but to live lives as lights to the world.

7/26/20 - Ron Nash teaches from Genesis 2-3 examining the first two question ever asked in the Bible and what the applications mean for us today.

4/12/20 - Easter Service - Pastor Mike explains from Peter's epistle what the Resurrection accomplishes for us today.

3/22/20 - We find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic crisis in not only our country but our whole world.  How, as Christians, are we to respond during this?  How are we to be living our lives in service to Jesus?  Are we called to a life of safety and ease?  We examine how Daniel lived out his faith in a very trying time in this special topical study.

2/9/20 (evening service) - Ron Nash takes an in-depth look of what to make of dinosaurs and the biblical narrative.  Note: link is to facebook video as slides and videos were used and thus more than just the recorded audio is needed.  If you have issues, please let us know.  If you wish to simply hear the audio version only, you can click here

2/9/20 - Pastor Brandon Glenn, from Shiloh Bible Church, teaches from 2 Peter 1

2/2/20 - Grady Gulliver fills in for Pastor Mike as he is in Haiti

1/26/20 (evening service) - Ron talks about problems, why they come and how to respond when they do come.

1/5/2020 - Pastor Mike starts the year with a topical message studying Esau's focus on the temporary over the eternal and how we need to be aware that we are not like Esau.

12/1/19 - Missionaries to Uganda share with us via phone call (due to incliment weather) what is happening in Uganda and Africa as a whole

9/29/19 - Ron Nash exhorts the body of Christ examining some of the commands of Christ that will "step on your toes"

8/25/19 - Coleton Williams, a missionary in Papua New Guinea, shares on how/why we are all called to tell people about Jesus.

7/28/19 - Grady examines John 4:4-42 teaching how we can learn from Jesus in our approach to share Christ with others.

4/21/19 - Pastor Mike examines how the fact of the Resurrection should change not only how we view the future but how it impacts our everyday lives.

2/24/19 (evening service) - Guest Speaker, Pastor George Lee

2/24/19 - Guest speaker, Pastor George Lee

10/21/18 - Pastor Carl Miller shares from Isaiah 6 while also sharing why he is moving to England for ministry.

8/19/18 (Evening Service): Guest Pastor Peter Albrect of Open Door Christian Fellowship (Bloomsburg PA) teaches Psalm 16 and shows how from the beginning, people had a hope of the resurrection and how that hope should also motivate us.

6/24/18 - Guest Speaker, Pastor George Lee

6/10/18 - Guest speaker, Joel Shibata, regional director of Cru Susquehanna Valley

4/1/18 - on this Easter Sunday message, Pastor Mike focuses in on why and how the Resurrection helps in our times of sorrow.

3/18/18 - As part of our Cru Sunday, we had the Regional Director for Cru of the Susquehanna Valley, teach as well as share about Cru. A profound message to know how the Gospel impacts lives and how it directs all that happens with Cru.  If you are not familiar with this college ministry, you'll learn more about it here.

2/25/18 - Guest Speaker Grady Gulliver

11/26/17 - As Christmas season is upon us, Pastor Mike reminds us why compassion and empathy are needed in our Christian walks.

9/10/17 (SUNDAY EVENING SERVICE) - As Pastor Mike continues in his Sunday evening study through the book of Exodus, he points out how the plagues should not be the focus of these chapters, but the hardness of Pharaoh's heart and the grace of God. (normally our evening services are not recorded but in testing new equipment out, we recorded this one. This gives you an idea of what our Sunday night's are like)

5/14/17 - On Mother's Day, guest teacher Pastor George Lee examines four different far from perfect women & mothers in the Scriptures, and how God used each of them in the relation to the genealogy of Jesus.

01/01/17 - Pastor Mike examines the purpose and pattern of the church and then lays out our purpose and vision at EFBC

11/20/16 - In this Thanksgiving themed message, Pastor Mike examines the parable of the vineyard workers and focuses on how we respond when it is hard to be thankful

11/13/16 - Going through a hard time or have come out of an experience that has just shattered your hope in people and/or the Lord?  Pastor Mike examines the loss of hope the prophet Elijah encountered and what the Lord did to restore and recharge him before sending him out.  A great message to listen to when you are contemplating giving up or you need a word of encouragement from the Word.

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Guest speakers and topical messages.

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