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7/3/22 - Daniel shows us how we can be lights in a pagan world.

7/10/22 - God shows His power by giving a dream of future kingdoms to a pagan king and the interpretation to Daniel.

7/24/22 - As we teach thru Daniel 3, looking at the historical events of three men thrown into a fire, we find application of how God uses "fires" in our lives to transform us.

7/31/22 - We see God's amazing grace in saving of a pagan king through the use of first humbling him.

8/7/22 - Ever wonder where the expression "the writing is on the wall" came from? Comes from this very chapter in the book of Daniel and there is plenty to learn from this event.

8/14/22 - Well known account of Daniel and the lions den that should comfort and challenge us!

8/21/22 - We examine the first of Daniel's visions with deal with the four major empires and the Antichrist.

8/28/22 - Part 2 of our study on Daniel's first vision, focusing on the Antichrist in this study.

9/4/22 - We look at the dual-fulfillment aspect of the prophecies concerning Antiochus IV and the Antichrist, as well as the Maccabees and Hannukah

9/18/22 - We glean much about the character of God through Daniel's prayer

9/25/22 - We examine a key piece of prophecy of all the Old Testament, one of the most debated, that unlocks future Bible prophecy

10/2/22 - we get a peak "behind the curtain" of the spiritual realm as Daniel receives his final vision as we look at the when/how of this vision.

10/9/22 - We explore the content of Daniel's vision which deals primarily with two Graecian dynasties that were so specific and accurate, Bible deniers try to say it was written at a later date than it was.

10/23/22 - Conclusion of Daniel's last vision which looks at the end of times and the order of resurrections.

Pastor Mike's verse-by-verse studies through the books of the New Testament

Pastor Mike's verse-by-verse studies through the books of the Old Testament

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