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Advent Sermons

12/11/22 - An advent study on joy as seen in Psalm 126

12/24/20 - in this Christmas Eve service sermon, Pastor Mike examines a rather odd passage for a Christmas message but shows how the grace of God shines through it and why Christmas should remind us of the amazing forgiveness we can receive from Jesus.

12/20/20 - Pastor Mike examines the three-fold promise of peace as it relates to Advent

12/13/20 - We look at the topic of joy in this sermon: how does it differ from happiness?  How does one find joy?  Is there joy to be found in times of trouble?  Listen as we answer these questions.

12/6/20 - Advent is a reminder of God's love for us.  Listen to understand all that it means.

11/29/20 -  As we kick off the advent season, we examine why hope is such a vital aspect to have and why it is different than what the world sees as hope.

12/24/18 - During the Christmas Eve service, we see all the prophecies about the First Coming fulfilled while examining why we should anticipate the 2nd Advent the same way.

12/16/18 - In the third installment of the Advent series, Pastor Mike examines the promises of the coming Messiah in the period from King David to the post-exile and how each promise stood out in what they were going through.

12/9/18 (Evening Service) - With the advent candle of love in focus, Pastor Mike examines God's love for a rebellious and disobedient people as He used the prophet Hosea to show the Israelites His love for them.

12/9/18 - Pastor Mike examines the promises of the Messiah from Abraham to David while showing God's never-ending love to a rebellious people.

12/2/18 - Advent season is a focus on the waiting - we wait for the 2nd coming of Christ as the saints of old waited for the first coming. The Old Testament reveals the plan of God through the ages and shows us the ways God reminded the people of the Savior who was coming. Our special Christmas series will take the time to do an overview of His working through history. This first study looks at the first 1000 years or so of man’s history.

12/24/17 (Christmas Eve service) - When is a Christmas song not really a Christmas song yet fully belongs with Christmas?  Pastor Mike examines how Joy to the World is really about Christ's 2nd Coming yet without His 1st Coming we can't have a 2nd Coming.

12/24/17 (morning) - Pastor Mike examines why the theological truths taught in the beloved Christmas hymn are needed for peace in our hearts, souls and minds.  Truths like the virgin birth, the deity of Christ, and the immortality of the soul.

12/17/17 - In lighting of the Candle of Joy, Pastor Mike examines how the hymn O Come All Ye Faithful reminds us of the joyous truths we have in Christ.

12/10/17 - Our advent series continues with the lighting of the Candle of Love and Pastor Mike examines why the hymn "O Little Town of Bethlehem" reminds us of love come down.

12/3/17 - This year for the Advent season, Pastor Mike examines some of the well-known hymns of Christmas.  Today he used O Come O Come Emmanuel to examine why hope is important at Advent.

12/25/16 - As we celebrate Christmas and light the Christ Candle, we look to the fact that God is with us and how that truth impacts our lives today

12/18/16 - As we light the Angel Candle/Candle of Peace, we examine the role of angels in the Biblical narrative and their message of peace

12/11/2016 - As we like the Shepherd's Candle/Candle of Joy, we examine why we can be joyous even in the midst of sorrow and pain

12/4/2016 - As we light the Bethlehem Candle/Candle of Love, we focus on God's love for the insignificant

11/27/16 - As we light the Prophecy Candle/Candle of Hope, we examine the prophecy from Isaiah about the coming of the Messiah

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