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1/12/20 - As we begin the book of Acts, Pastor Mike introduces the book and explains how the Church went from 11 disciples to where we are today.

1/19/20 - Pastor Mike examines the disciples choosing of Matthias to replace Judas Iscariot and along the way teaches some of the keys to making wise decisions.

1/26/20 - Pastor Mike examines the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost and why it still is important for us.

2/23/20 - Pastor Mike examines Peter's sermon on Pentecost and expounds why it is important to read and know the Old Testament.

3/1/20 - We gain an understanding of what our church communities should be like by examining the model of the early church.

3/15/20 - In our text, we see how Peter and John deal with interruption from their normal daily plans and how God uses their servant hearts to impact thousands.

3/29/20 - We examine the response of Peter, John and the rest of the church after being threatened concerning the sharing of the Gospel.

4/5/20 - It was the best of times, it was the worst of the early church.

4/19/20 - We find that the Gospel is unstoppable, inspite of persecution and threats.  In this section, we apply what that means for us.

4/26/2020 - What do the apostles do when a need arises in the local church?  Why is that important today?  And what should we know about these seven who are chosen?  Find out in this study.

5/3/20 - In our own reading of this passage, we can often overlook the significance and points Stephen is making to the religious leaders in his recapping of Israeli history.  This study will not only allow you to see the importance of this recount but will also help you in your Old Testament reading.

5/10/20 - As we examine the great outreach happening in Samaria, we notice the first instance of "tares among the wheat" Jesus predicted in our study.

5/17/20 - Pastor Mike examines the account of Philip being sent to the desert which ultimately leads to the salvation of the Ethiopian eunuch.  In this sermon, we learn the importance of following the leading of the Lord even when it doesn't make sense and we don't know the reason why.

5/24/20 - Today we study the amazing conversion of Saul (who we know now as Paul the apostle) while also looking at what it meant for Ananias.

5/31/20 - Paul's early days of ministry teaches us that ministry comes with letdowns yet we can be encouraged to keep going.

6/7/20 - Peter's decision to go minister and to minister to one, became a catalyst for many to come to know Christ.  In this study, we are challenged to not just sit there.

6/14/20 - We see the Lord give visions to both a centurion and Peter that leads to the salvation of the Gentiles outside Judaism, while reminding us that we need to remember we are One Body (and the cure for racism).

6/21/20 - Peter shares of God's grace among the Gentiles and we see the spread of the Gospel among the Gentiles in Antioch.

6/28/20 - The chapter begins with Herod seemingly in charge and the chuch in distress; it ends with Herod dead and the church being blessed.  In the middle of all this is the importance of corporate prayer.  There is also quite a bit of humor in this chapter.

7/5/20 - We see the first church sponsored missionaries, in Paul and Barnabas, sent out to share the Gospel in other nations.

7/12/20 - in this study we really hit on the fickleness of mankind, how they could go from trying to worship Paul to then stoning him, and apply that to our lives today.

7/19/20 - Paul tells us that we will go through many trials before we enter into the Kingdom.  In this message, Pastor Mike exhorts and encourages us how to be prepared and go through hardships.

8/2/20 - Must one keep the law of Moses (including circumcision) for salvation?  Is faith alone enough to save?  That was the question the early church was dealing with in Acts 15 and the idea of works salvation still creeps into the church today.

8/9/20 - How do we as Christians make necessary splits without dividing the church?  How can we disagree without being disagreeable?  In the great breakup of Paul and Barnabas (as well as Timothy's "breakup" with part of his body) we examine the answers to these questions and more. *outside service*

8/16/20 - What happens when times of great pain and sorrow are met with joy in the Lord?  In this study we see a church is born out of two men's suffering.

8/23/20 - What does it mean to be a "Berean" and why are they so esteemed among those in the New Testament?  Find out in this study and why it is important we aim to have similar characteristics to them.

8/30/20 - As Paul does ministry in Athens, we see a great way of presenting the Gospel to an audience who has no background in the Scriptures.

9/6/20 - We see Jesus' reminder to Paul as he does ministry in Corinth, a city well known for it's licentiousness and debauchery.

9/13/20 - Apollos knew a little but needed further insight into the things of Jesus.  Follow along to learn how being obedient to the Spirit, being humble, and being teachable can result in much fruit for the Lord.

9/20/20 - In our text here, we find some unusual events of the Lord and learn our great need for the Spirit working in our lives.

9/27/20 - The Gospel tranforms lifes so powerfully that it impacts the idol business in Ephesus. Learn how it should impact our lives as well.

10/4/20 - Though we read about Eutychus falling to his death from falling asleep during Paul's teaching, there is much more to this passage than just that.  Learn why spiritual slumber is just as dangerous.

10/11/20 - Paul's last encounter with the Ephesian elders serves as a mini-pastors conference for us and is rich in depth of application.  Therefore, there will be 3 parts to this study.  If you are in leadership or looking into church leadership, these sermons are ones you should listen to (and if you are not, these will show you what to look for in pastors and elders and how to pray for them)

10/18/20 - Part 2 of our 3 part study of Paul's final exhortation to the Ephesian elders.

10/25/20 - Part 3 of our three part study of Paul's exhortation to the Ephesian elders.

11/8/20 - Trouble and prediction of it did not keep Paul from following  the will of God.  We must have the same mindset in following where Jesus leads us.

11/15/20 - Paul had such a desire to share the Gospel that not even physical beatings could derail him.  We can glean much from his example.

11/22/20 - Paul's enemies want him dead and are willing to go without food until they do the deed, yet God's providence intervenes. Join us in gleaning from the Word of God.

1/10/21 - Living our life simply by what is convenient will lead to the spiritual death of us.  We also spend time in this study looking at the two different resurrections mentioned in Scripture.

1/17/21 - What are often seen as bad experiences by human measure are actually God's providence and protection for us.  We examine how Paul dealt with his imprisonment and how to have a proper view of hard times.

1/24/21 - "Almost Christianity" is not salvation.  So many can be "close" to being a Christian but have the same fate as those who are "far".  We discover why we both need to check ourselves as well as be out there sharing the Gospel with others.

1/31/21 - As we examine Paul's trip to Rome as a prisoner and the obstacles that take place, we learn much about Paul's heart and application for our lives.

2/07/21  - Attacks and trials are going to come when we step out to serve Christ, but being able to shake them off is key to pressing forward.  Join us as we see the heart of Paul when attacks come his way. 

2/14/21 - We finish up the book of Acts while also examing what happened after the book was finished and how we play a part in the continuation of the work that began in Jerusalem.

Pastor Mike's verse-by-verse studies through the books of the New Testament

Pastor Mike's verse-by-verse studies through the books of the Old Testament

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