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1 Kings

10/29/23 - In our first study of 1 Kings, we examine the historical background as well as how Adonijah's pride let him to being humbled.

11/5/23 - Solomon's kingdom is established by justice and wisdom.

11/12/23 - A complicated world and our complicated lives need wisdom and wisdom is the focus of this text as Solomon requests such.

11/19/23 - As we study the temple Solomon built, we remember the temple Jesus is currently building.

11/26/23 - The projects of Solomon remind us of the work of building that Jesus does.

12/3/23 - As we look at Solomon gathering Israel together for the dedication of the temple, we examine why the weekly gatherings (the church) are the most significant events that happen each week.

12/10/23 - Solomon's prayer teaches us about prayer and gives us a model for prayer.

12/17/23 - In our text we see Solomon blessing the Lord, blessing the people and God Himself blessing the people, and we study what that actually means.

1/14/24 - Things are great in the kingdom under Solomon - peace, prosperity, assurance - what could possibly go wrong? In like manner, we have great assurances because of Christ's work, but if we ignore the warning signs in our lives, there are troubles that will come our way. Join us as we study and make application from this text in our own lives.

1/21/24 - As we study the Queen of Sheba's awe of King Solomon, we are reminded of our awe of the Greater King.

2/4/24 - The problem with a divided heart is that it leads to our own destruction and we see the sad proof of this with Solomon.

2/11/24 - There are so many lessons to learn from Rehoboam's handling of power, yet even in the midst of foolishness, we learn that God is still sovereign.

2/18/24 - Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

2/25/24 - No matter what happens in the world with evil men with evil plans, the Word of God stands above all as it is greater than human religion, greater than human lies and our great source of hope.

3/3/24 - As we study the ends of the lives of Rehoboam and Jeroboam, we are reminded to learn from the mistakes that they made.

3/10/24 - We examine the next 60 years of the kingdoms and kings in Israel seeing the faithfulness of God in spite of the wickedness of man.

3/17/24 - As Elijah comes on the scene, God again shows the people who is the true God.  We also learn how these miracles defeated the pagan mythology that was around as well.

4/7/24 - The showdown between YHWH and Baal comes at last and we find out who really is God.

4/14/2024 - As we look at Elijah's loss of hope and God's restoring of hope to him, we find out how we can bounce back from disillusionment and discouragement.

4/21/24 - The Word of God is inescapable and as we examine this chapter, we must ask will we run to it or from it?

4/28/24 - in our text today, we find a God who both judges righteously and loves mercy and draw application from this truth.

5/5/24 - How well do you listen and how impactful (in a positive way) is what we listen to? How well do we listen to the Word of God? Ahab did not listen and we learn from his poor example.

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