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1 Corinthians Studies

1/7/18 - As Pastor Mike starts our verse-by-verse study through 1 Corinthians, he gives the background to this letter and show how the Apostle Paul, in writing to a church full of sin, begins with reminding these Christians who they are in Christ.

1/14/18 - The Apostle Paul tackles divisions that were happening in the church at Corinth.  Pastor Mike examines how divisions happen in the church today & what to do to make sure there is unity.

1/21/18 - Why is the message of the cross so crucial and important, yet why do so many people have a hard time accepting it?  Pastor Mike explains as the Apostle Paul teaching shows this is the message that matters most.  Without the cross, there is no Gospel.

01/28/18 - Who are the ones God chooses to use?  The majority are those who the world has disregarded.  Pastor Mike explains how this passage keeps us both humble and encouraged to serve the Lord.

2/11/18 - As the Apostle Paul continues building on the message of the Gospel, he shows us three characteristics about it.

2/18/18 - The Apostle Paul describes the characteristics of a carnal Christian and why dividing over people is foolishness.  Pastor Mike examines how carnality can be evident in our own lives.

3/4/18 - Pastor Mike examines Paul's teaching on judgement of our work when the Day comes - what does that mean for teachers?  How does this relate to all Christians?

3/11/18 - Pastor Mike continues teaching the Apostle Paul's message for why dividing over people (or churches or denominations or ministries) is foolish.

3/25/18 - The Corinthians were not silent about their thoughts concerning their opinions and ranking system of leaders.  Pastor Mike examines Paul's teaching on how to consider ministers and how to properly make judgements regarding them.

4/8/18 - The Apostle Paul uses "sanctified sarcasm" to show the Corinthians their pride issues.  Pastor Mike applies the message to our lives and what service to our Lord looks like.

4/15/18 - Why is church discipline even a thing? Why is it needed? Why don't we see it much or if we do see it, when do we know if it is properly done? The Apostle Paul lays it out for us in this chapter.

4/22/18 - The Apostle Paul tells us that Christians are not to sue one another - what then is our recourse?  Pastor Mike applies this message to our world today.

4/29/18 - The Apostle Paul didn't tell us to stand our ground in our strength against sexual immoral desires but to run from them.  He also corrected false interpretations the Corinthians had of all things are lawful.  Pastor Mike expounds on these teachings.

5/6/18 - Pastor Mike addresses the false beliefs concerning Paul and his teachings while also examining Paul's commands concerning marriage and sexual intimacy 

5/13/18 - After getting saved, should Christians seek to change the things around them (social status, employment, marriage, finances, etc) to better serve the Lord?  How should we view singleness and what is the single person's aim?  The Apostle Paul addresses this and we find how this applies to our lives today as well.

5/20/18 - The Corinthians had a question concerning liberties, specifically whether they could eat meat sacrificed to idols or not, and Paul addresses this issue.  How does this question relate to Christian liberties today, such as drinking, elections, etc?  Pastor Mike examines the text and how it applies in our day today.

5/27/18 - In setting the example of laying down rights for the good of the Gospel, the Apostle Paul explains why he (like other ministers) deserves income for gospel work, but why for the Corinthians he gave up that right.

6/3/18 - Paul uses an illustration of athletics to teach the reasons we should make sacrifices to our liberties

7/1/18 - Pastor Mike examines the bad examples the Apostle Paul lays out, taking a more in depth look at the Old Testament passages, to show us that none of us are above falling and we should be careful how we hold our liberties.

7/8/18 - The Apostle Paul teaches us there is a balance to our liberties and that our liberties can actually lead us to harm.

7/15/18 - Ever wonder how head coverings and headship fits into the context of Paul's letter to the Corinthians?  How do those things apply today?  Pastor Mike explains why the application is still valid in our day.

07/22/18 - The Apostle Paul was not pleased with how the Corinthians were treating the love-feasts & the Lord’s Supper. Pastor Mike explains what was happening in their day & how it applies in our day.

7/29/18 - As we begin our studies looking at the gifts of the Spirit, Pastor Mike applies Paul's teaching on the diversities of gifts, ministries and activities.

8/5/18 - Pastor Mike explains and defines the list of gifts the Apostle Paul lays out in this section.

8/12/18 - the Apostle Paul uses the analogy of the human body to teach that no Christian is useless or self-sufficient as we are all part of the body of Christ and therefore need each other.

8/19/18 - In the middle of his teaching on gifts, the Apostle Paul exhorts the Corinthians to seek the more excellent way, being love.  Chapter 13 is more than just for marriages and loving others - it is also in using spiritual gifts.

8/26/18 - The Apostle Paul sets guidelines for church services in chapter 14 - there must be edification, understanding and order.  Pastor Mike examines the first of these two principles specifically teaching on the gift of tongues and prophecy.

9/2/18 - The Apostle Paul lays the groundwork for the use of tongues and prophesy in the church service in teaching how all things should be done decently and in order.

9/9/18 - The eye witness evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus is staggering - even if you say the Bible is not the Word of God and just a historical document, the evidence holds up. 

9/16/18 - Why is believing in a physical resurrection of our bodies so important to our faith?  What does it mean that we will have resurrected bodies?  Pastor Mike unpacks what the Apostle Paul taught the Corinthians on this subject.

9/23/18 - As the Apostle Paul concludes his writing on the resurrection, he explains how our physical bodies can be resurrected as well as how the resurrection should motivate us in our service to the Lord.

9/30/18 - As the Apostle Paul tells the Corinthians about his plans for the collection and his travel, Pastor Mike explains application we can gain from it on how to give and how to live.

10/7/18 - As the Apostle Paul concludes his letter to the Corinthians, he mentions seven names.  Pastor Mike digs into the history of these people and what we can glean from their lives.

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